Since 2003 Eurotaxi is the modern means of transportation, offering pioneering and complete solutions for both the general public and the corporate customers.
  With modern strategic perspective and having set the development and geographic coverage at the highest standards and extents, we aim at the following years to create a unique transportation network providing coverage all over Greece.
Currently the specialized group of taxi transportation EUROTAXI is the largest taxi company in Greece with a fleet of 1500 cars in seven cities (Thessaloniki, Kavala, Katerini. Xanthi, Volos, Kozani, Larissa).
  The Eurotaxi group has been formed to provide the solutions necessary for the new and future challenges at the area of urban and spec aliased transportation.

Our area of activities and interests is not restricted only in transportation but we extend our activities to all those areas both professionally and individual that has to do with the automobiles and the drivers.